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Studio Next

A strategic guide to post-disciplinary design

What was the challenge?
Get 60 Philadelphia grads and undergrads, across three different disciplines, to take a six-week curricular detour, focused on tackling five very complex problems. We did just that by asking students, what would happen if we took a page from a few successful design firms in the world, and explored intra-disciplinary collaboration. By its very nature, the process of developing and designing these complex solutions draws upon numerous fields of expertise and points of view. These solutions require design teams to gather and synthesize information from a wide array sources and to explore multiple strategies and outcomes.

What did we design?
For most of the students this was a completely new way of working and as such came with some new challenges to their design process. To address these challenges, we designed a complete six-week curriculum along with a Strategy Toolkit and a StudioNEXT Manual to help the students orient themselves and work as a group to navigate this new collaborative environment.

What was the dynamic behind the design?
With StudioNext we hoped to prepare students to thrive and create by introducing them collaborative a intra-disciplinary environment. StudioNext did not aim to provide students with a road map to success that could be rigorously followed time and time again. Any such effort would be doomed from the outset, as no two challenges, projects, or design teams are identical. Instead, what was offered in this design laboratory was the opportunity to develop a set of collaborative tools that can be drawn upon, altered, re-implemented and expanded over the course of a designers entire career to meet ever-changing challenges.

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