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Amuneal Manufacturing

Redesigning Business

What was the challenge?
Amuneal, a local Philadelphia manufacturer, entered into a partnership with us to help the company become more transparent, productive and cohesive. The original design challenge was to help the CEO / Owner design business solutions for the things that kept him awake at night. Many companies have had to struggle in this harsh economic climate and Amuneal was no different, so our designs had to be simple, quick, and effective time savers.

What did we design?
In the case of Amuneal how they conducted meetings and the lack of understanding of their process stood out as a great entry points for enacting rapid design change. We designed Role cards for everyone to use during meetings, which gave them a very specific role to play: devils advocate, white elephant, navigator, etc. The individuals were then asked to simply play the role they had in each meeting. To address the process confusion, we worked with employees to develop a low cost touch screen project management program.

What was the dynamic behind the design?
By designing meeting role cards, individual anxieties over responsibilities and purpose were managed. This allowed the group to collectively concentrate on the task at hand. Secondly, inherent to human nature, play is often used as a method for decreasing anxiety associated with authority dependence in groups. Therefore, playing roles within the meetings presented individuals with a way to decrease anxieties, which they were all to happy to use. The Tactile Dashboard program acted as a cognitive tool, simplifying understanding of the process and the touch screen pushed employees to physically interact and open a dialogue with each other. By changing the dynamic, employees began having rich conversations about the process and they began to see opportunities for innovation.

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