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The Finance Office

Designing A Better Way To Talk About Finances

What was the challenge?
How can designers help the CFO of a 60 million dollar non-profit university communicate institutional health to a faculty of artists, dancers, musicians, and designers? That was the question Bill Mea, CFO of The University of The Arts challenged us with in our first meeting. He wanted us to help him design a better language with which to communicate tough important financial news. However, through our research and interviews with the Faculty Council, we found that it was not simply an issue of visuals, as Bill had originally thought, but also an issue of verbal psychology.

What did we design?
Honoring our original design challenge, we developed several iterations of a new financial presentation, each time editing and adjusting to incorporate the interests of both groups. Simultaneously, we designed a game aimed at bringing both groups together to find a collective purpose. We were confidant that if they could find a collective purpose, they would be more focused on addressing the most pressing concerns of each group.

What was the Dynamic behind the design?
By designing a collective purpose game, we were able to reduce the anxiety that had been preventing both groups from meeting to discuss finances. Additionally, we were able to help them visualize that they actually agreed on 93% of their individual concerns. This reduction in anxiety allowed them to focus on key issues, overcome psychological roadblocks, and begin creating an effective dialogue.

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