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Is this human centered design or consulting?
In many ways it’s a little of both. In existing models of HCD and consulting, solutions may be developed without completely taking psychology into consideration. If not completely considered, the psychology that governs the long-term success and collective purpose of the group will dissolve due to these ever-present human anxieties. However, we believe that if we invite group members into the design process, while addressing their issues at the psychological level, we can co-design successful problem-solving tools.

Does Humantics make things?
Sure we do! At heart, we are designers and we love making things. Ideas are great, but turning those idea into tangible solutions is the best way to design effective interactions. While we do make things, we don’t make things without getting to the root of the need first.  If a client come to us and says they need a website or product to reach their customers, our first we response is not “ok,” its “ok, why?”.

How big is the company?
At the core, we are small. There are two founders and three collaborating designers, but we leverage a network of over 100 people through coworking spaces, universities, local groups, and me-workers (freelancers). We like things as flat as a pancake though; we are not a “boss knows best” company. Everyone has key roles in addition to their expert role, and everyone has an equal say on projects.

What type of work do you like to do?
We like complex challenges, not complicated ones. We love projects that are terribly messy and have a lot of moving pieces. Luckily, when your design process is focused on the psychology of people, you almost always find complexity. We love messy, complex, fast-moving projects because it keeps us alert and on our toes, and we always work best under pressure. So if you have a problem that sounds like this, we’d love to talk about it!

If you have additional questions, please drop us a line. We would love to open a dialogue.

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