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The one thing that we love more than research is design. This is a design group after all, but we don’t design in a typical way. If you spend a day with us, you will see us tapping away on our smartphones, downloading cool software to organize our music collections, and drooling over sweet layouts and new tech gadgets, but you wont catch us making much of that. We have the backgrounds to design in any one of these areas, but we prefer to use our penchant for design to help our project partners create solutions to their most pressing concerns.

It’s a common misconception that design is a profession (or vocation) held for a select few, that are able to understand it and deliver it. While we agree that professional designers are in many cases highly trained and talented experts, we don’t agree with keeping that great stuff hidden behind the curtain. If one designer can teach five non-designers to think like designers, the result will be five times better.

Humantics sparks sustainable collaborations by codesigning cognitive tools that help workgroups, work better together. Most of these tools are functionally simple, but fundamentally complex, and are designed to create interactions that address specific opportunities. Will the things we codesign with our project partners turn into websites, physical objects, and graphic information? Most of the time, yes, but we never like to set that as our end goal. Identifying the result of a project before it has run its course is dangerous territory and often ends in design that misses the mark.

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