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Humantics was started by a designer and a scientist as a way to use design to help businesses and organizations with their most pressing internal issues.  We have a small core team, and as required, can expand our expertise to meet client needs. We are connected to a large body of designers, fabricators, thinkers, doers, and makers that we call upon according to the needs of each project.

Justin Witman -Founder

Justin’s journey into design started in a very traditional and conventional way. He graduated with a degree in industrial design ready to roll, with a job designing interiors for urban outfitters. All seemed good and his design future felt bright. Over the years, he moved in and through several other companies, designing in web, print, television and industrial products. He also had the opportunity to try marketing, business development, project management and art direction along the way, however I found all of this work relatively unfulfilling. That’s not to say that he didn’t enjoy the work, or the client interaction, but he felt that he was spending my life tacking complicated problems, not complex problems.

Justin fully realized this on one particular project, a campaign for prostate cancer. He was art directing the work for a bike race to support prostate cancer research and he realized that no matter how effective this campaign was and no matter how many similar campaigns were launched around the world, he could never cure cancer with ads. Ads would raise awareness, and money; make people feel good and give a sense of purpose, but would never get the necessary scientists, politicians, economists and designers together to really focus on the complex problem of why we still have to cope with prostate cancer.

Justin holds a Masters Degree in Design from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His Graduate thesis, Humantics: The Science and Design of Sustainable Collaboration, focused on combining theory from psychology with design methods, to spark sustainable collaborations by designing cognitive tools that help work-groups, work better together. Prior to entering the Masters program, he was Assoc. Art Director at The Marathon Group, the design division of St. Barnabas Healthcare System.Today he is a design consultant and a founding principal of Humantics, offering assistance to businesses and organizations dealing with specific complex problems. Drawing from projects developing strategies in Art Direction, Industrial design, Web design, Systems design and Design management, he has have facilitated solutions for a variety of clients.

Justin has spoken at several events and workshops in Philadelphia including, Design Philadelphia, and Ignite Philadelphia, ECOBU, Vizthink, and UPENN Wharton School. In addition, he have also co-authored the books “Redesigning Business, Vol 1 Amuneal Manufacturing” , “StudioNext” a strategic guide to post-disciplinary design and “Humanics- The Science and Design of Sustainable Collaboration”.

See his personal work at Justin Witman


Fraser Marshall -Founder

At the beginning Fraser thought science was amazing. He loved learning about the human body and was fascinated by it’s function in health and disease. This interest led him to a B.Sc. and a Ph.D. in  Immunology. He desperately wanted to put his skills to good use, so he undertook a research position where he hoped to make a difference to the field of applied Human Immunology.

After a few years he could feel my enthusiasm for research had waned. Although he was presenting at international conferences and working at a top class research institution, he didn’t feel satisfied. This all came to a head one day when an experiment that had taken 16 weeks to complete didn’t work. he had spent 16 weeks, thousands of dollars and numerous other resources and it didn’t work. Who was benefiting from this? Not him. And neither were the people he was trying help with his research. It was difficult for him to perceive the actual value of his research: It was too abstract. He couldn’t put a face or purpose to his work.

This was when he really began to appreciate the value of tangibility. For Fraser, science research was too far removed from the people he was trying to help. Consequently, he knew he had to begin a new career that was more tangible. And here he is now. Fraser a designer and a founding principal of Humantics. He sees the faces of the people he works with. He sees the benefit. And he sees the difference he is making.

Fraser has recently put the theory of Humantics into practice by running collaborative workshops for clients including VizThink Philadelphia and Wharton School of Business, as well as speaking engagements at Ignite Philly and Design Philadelphia.

See his other work at Fraser Marshall


Rachael Harr -Collaborating Designer

Rachael loves applying a user-centered approach to a range of projects involving organizational, cultural and social systems, including improving the internal communication of an organization to integrating of long-term considerations into our culture of consumption. She also loves celebrity gossip, summer, and organizing.


Gabe Maricich -Collaborating Designer

Designer Formally trained as a musician, Gabe always focused on the audience experience.  He found the musical creative process of learning (researching), understanding (analyzing), rehearsing (prototyping), previewing for an audience (developing) and performing (producing) to be parallel to the design process.  Gabe also loves hagning with his sons, acting out others character traits, and has keen taste for sarcasm.


Gareth Roberts -Collaborating Designer

Former mechanical engineer, with a background in distance education, industrial design and design research. Areas of research include the efficiency of knowledge transfer, the use of eye tracking in design, and the use of design tools to help shape business dynamics. Gareth also takes pride in doing things the old fashioned way, a master of etiquette , and has a nack for all things mechanical .

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